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Being nervous about visiting a dentist for the first time or a hundredth time can be unpleasant, but it is common among patients of all different ages and backgrounds.

At Purlys Dental Practice, we take your worries seriously, and we want to make sure your fear of dentists doesn’t stand in the way when it comes to your oral health.

We are always ready to provide you with the necessary support to help you feel more relaxed when you visit us. Your well-being is important to us, and we want you to feel safe within our environment.

How to recognise if you have dental anxiety?

Your fear is one of the factors indicating you may experience dental anxiety; however, there are other signs too. Increased sweating, palpitations (racing heart), panic or even aggression are typical symptoms. If you experience any of these, let us know, and we will take our time to understand your worries and needs.

How to reduce dental anxiety?

Sharing your concerns with a friend, family member or a professional can be helpful and take the weight off your chest. Communication is a useful and proven method for reducing stress. If you feel more comfortable by bringing somebody with you to your appointment, feel free to do so.

However, there are other measures you could take to help yourself feel more relaxed. Some suggestions include listening to your favourite music or reading something you enjoy. Meditation or simple breathing exercises prior to the treatment can be a good stress-relief.

You can always speak to our friendly professionals to discuss your concerns. Being well-informed about the treatments is a foundation to overcoming the fear of the unknown.

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