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Having a gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious and reluctant to smile, that’s why dental implants can be a great aid to repair your smile.

It not only replaces your tooth, but it also restores the functionality of your bite. Replacing a missing tooth can eliminate the risk of your natural teeth moving towards the empty spaces. Therefore, it prolongs the durability of your teeth.

What are the risks of a missing tooth?

  • Weakening of the teeth as they tend to move into the gaps
  • Problems chewing your food
  • Risk of your jawbone shrinking
  • Chronic headaches
  • Affected speech
  • Gum disease

What is the procedure of having a tooth implant?

Your dentist will examine if the bone in your jaw is strong enough and suitable to have an implant placed in your mouth – specialised scans and models are taken to confirm this.  During the procedure, your dental surgeon will use a titanium screw that will be the ‘root’ of your replacement tooth. Then, your custom implant will be mounted to the screw to repair your smile, allowing it to look as natural as possible.

Is the procedure painful?

The affected area will be numbed with a local anaesthetic prior to the procedure to make it more comfortable. Most patients report no pain.

What are the benefits of single tooth dental implants?

  • Prevents risks associated with missing teeth such as the movement of the remaining teeth, gum disease and shrinking of the jawbone.
  • Durable and long-lasting if they are appropriately taken care of
  • Improved aesthetics to match your natural smile
  • Restores your confidence to smile

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